Bathroom Accessories

accessoriesWe offer a wide variety of bathroom accessories to meet all of your bathroom needs.  From grab bars to soap dishes we can help to give you the accessories you want in your bathroom.

The Rebath “Bathgard”
The Rebath Bathguard is a non-slip bottom built into the tub. This allows you the convenience of not worrying about cleaning or disposing of regular bath matts.

Grab Bars
We have a wide selection of 12″, 18″ and 24″ grab bars available to meet all of your needs. These bars help greatly with getting in and out of your bath or shower.

Soap Dish/ Shampoo Tower
We also have a wide selection of colors and styles for our soap dishes and shampoo towers. From our classic soap dish to our 99″ Shampoo Tower you are bound to find an accessory to fit your needs.

Shower Rods
We have a wide selection of colors available for our shower rods. We also offer a crescent stainless steel shower rod for the classy metallic look.