why-choose-rebathInevitably one of the first things that our customers do when they are trying to make a decision about what to do about their outdated bathroom is to question whether the Re-Bath system is the very best choice for their home.

We understand that there are a lot of imitation products on the market installed by general contractors that might be more cost effective, so we would like to take a few moments to assure you that Re-Bath is THE VERY BEST CHOICE for installing bathtub liners, walls, showers and bathroom improvements into your home?

Ten Reasons Why Home Remodelers Should Choose Rebath

1. We Don’t Monkey Around

Rebath has been in business since 1978 and is a leader in the bathroom remodeling business.  Many imitations have come and gone in that time while Rebath continues to deliver exceptionally high quality products and service to our customers nationwide.

ReBath of Central Wisconsin is fully insured to perform work in your home and uses only qualified and experienced installers, that are employed by and work exclusively for ReBath of Central Wisconsin.  We also use only the most respected plumbers from our service area to get the job done right the first time in about one day!

2. You get a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty with your purchase

We offer the only Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty in the Industry.  Our franchisor, ReBath, LLC, is willing to stand behind our work and you can be assured that we aren’t going to take shortcuts to save time and money.  Even great companies like Sears and Best Buy require you to pay for a protection plan on some of their products.

With the purchase of our system, you enjoy instant peace of mind that ReBath is only a phone call away at no additional cost to you.  If anything should go wrong with the materials we have installed you can be assured that we will be back to fix it because our Franchisor, ReBath LLC, is committed to product perfection.  Take a quick look at the warranty that we give to every one of our customers.

Read our Warranty

3. You get a U.S. Government Patent on your Installation

Re Bath has the only patent from the U.S. Government, PATENT #5,902,444 on the procedure for installing bathtub liners using flowable silicone to create an impenetrable seal between the new bathtub liner and the old bathtub.  This is the best way to install a new tub over the old tub, and we are the only company that can use this technology because we invented it.  Read about out patent at this link:

Patent #5,902,444

4. You get a perfect fit with an Exact Duplicate of your Bathtub

Bathtub liners must be molded for and fit your bathtub exactly. They cannot be close, almost or even close enough. They MUST fit exactly to insure a quality installation.  Our competitors do not have the technology to always get a perfect fit for your bathtub.  If they do not have a tub that fits your bathroom, they are forced to use the closest thing and to fill the gaps with filler material.  Over time, this material will biodegrade and there is a good chance that the seal between your old tub and you new tub will begin to leak.

Our company does not take chances with leaking, or what we call floating tubs.  ReBath has an exact duplicate of your bathtub in their inventory.  Over the years we have collected over 1000 actual cast iron and steel bathtubs so that we can create a tub that will fit exactly over your old tub.  None of our competitors even come close in matching our tub inventory.  With Rebath, the guess work and uncertainty is eliminated.

5. Durabath SSP™ is a Superior Product vs Acrylic Materials

Our company goes to great lengths to make sure that we are the best One-Day Bathroom Remodeler in the industry.  In 2007, we released the best bathroom remodeling product on the market call DuraBath SSP™ (Solid Surface Polymer).  ReBath developed this proprietary product in conjunction with Spartech, the world’s largest manufacturer of acrylic and solid surface polymer products.  This proprietary material is made available only through Rebath.

DuraBath SSP™ offers superior performance over our competitor’s old acrylic/ABS products.  It offers superior Impact Resistance, Heat Deflection, Chemical Resistance, Durability, and Sparkling Clarity over our competitor’s products.  If you want the best, easiest to clean material in your bathroom, you need to call ReBath.

6. Rebath Consistenly Ranks as a Reputable Company in Bath Restoration

AmBath / ReBath is the largest installer of One-Day Bath Systems.  We invented the One-Day Bath Remodel in 1979 and have done over 1 Million bathrooms since our inception.  Our reputation for excellence has skyrocketed our growth.  As of 2008, we consist of 180 independently owned and operated franchises nationwide and growing.

In 2004, Entreprenuer Magazine awarded us with the top franchise in our catagory, Surface Refinishing and Restoration.  Over the past five years, we have consistenly put up high marks in our industry.  Compare how we ranked to our competitors in 2004-2008 in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 listing.

Click Here for Entrepreneur.com’s Online Ranking of Our Company

7. Rebath is Used by Every Major Hotel and Motel Chain in the Country

There is a reason why the lodging industry loves our product.  Hotels and Motels usually have about 300 rooms all equiped with bathtubs.  They know that to make the best use of their time and money, they need to get the job done right the first time and to cut the monkey business.  The great news is, they have done the research for you and have determined that ReBath is the best product to meet their needs.

8. We Have the Most Style and Color Choices on the Market

With over 30 different color and simulated tile style choices, we are able to give you the widest selection of customization to help you decorate your bathroom.  All twelve of our wall colors can be selected in either a gloss or a matte finish and can be combined with most of our seven simulated tile looks.

View Tub Color & Style Options

View Wall Color & Style Options

9. We Have Teamed up with Ace and Home Depot because They Love Our Product and Want it Displayed in their Stores

In participating locations across the country, our product is displayed in Ace Hardware and Home Depot stores.  Both companies have seen the value and craftsmanship that we place into our jobs and have agreed to help promote our product in their stores

10. Our Process is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

  • Call us at 1–800–BATHTUB (1–800–228–4882) or fill out the free consultation form. Our office will arrange an appointment to meet with you at your home and review all of the possibilities and options.
  • When you decide to move ahead—this is the fun part— together with the consultant, you will make specific product choices for the design of your new bathroom. After you have made your choices, the consultant will give you a firm price.  There is no estimating done on your bathroom; our price is given to the penny.
  • As soon as you’re ready, we’ll place the order for your new bathroom. When your materials arrive (usually 3–4 weeks or 2 weeks for express) your bathroom will be installed in a few days. Many remodels are completed in only one day!