Fiberglass Bathtub

fiberglass-bath-showerIs your one piece fiberglass bathtub or shower stall worn or cracked?

Did you get outrageous estimates to fix or repair it?

Re-Bath can replace your damaged or worn fiberglass unit in just one day and when we’re done you won’t have to redecorate. Because of our unique wall surround we are able to repair your walls out to the existing wall paper, tiled or painted surface eliminating the need to do repair work after your new tub and walls are installed and we are completed in about one day.

Choose from a wide variety of bathtub or shower base options. You can choose from dozens of color and style options for your Re-Bath Wall System. Re-Bath offers a large range of accessories that allows you to give your new shower your personal touch.

You will see that Re-Bath provides you with the most cost-effective way to update your bathroom.